Should You Remove a Tree? 

It can be a complicated and long story whenever you choose when to get rid of a tree. A lot of elements should be considered. This includes the risks involved before removing it and the cost of removal. Though you can allow a tree to die in the area if it’s placed in the forest, trees in the yard require human involvement to take place. 

Tree removal isn’t the safest task in the world. Because of that, it requires a professional tree company to safely and properly do the job.  

Is The Tree Leaning? 

It is indeed considered dangerous when a tree grows extremely tall. However, it can be extremely hazardous when it is leaning. A tree that’s leaning suggests issues in the roots such as weakening or breakage. You need to get rid of the tree right away to stop the tree from causing accidents in the future. You have to get rid of the tree if it’s leaning more than 15 degrees.  

Is The Root Damaged? 

One crucial part of the structural stability of the tree is its roots. You need to get rid of the tree immediately if 50% of the roots are damaged.  

Is the Tree Infested with Fungus? 

Since this can often be tricky, you will need to have your tree examined by a professional tree service company. Not all fungi can be a sign of root disease. This includes the growth of mushrooms at the tree’s base. However, it can mean that the tree’s suffering from internal decay.  

Are There Small Branches or Sprouts Coming from the Trunk? 

It isn’t ordinary for new sprouts to come out from the trunk or base of your tree. This can be a sign of health problems within the system of the tree. Trees can also go through stress. This is especially true whenever they’re injured, have soil compaction, or overly exposed to the sun. You should contact a professional to check your tree if you think that it is under stress.  

Is Every Dead Branch Located on One Side of Your Tree? 

Your tree will be unbalanced whenever all of the dead branches are located on one side. This will make it a possible danger to you and your house. If your tree is suffering from this, it might be a sign that your tree has a root injury or trunk damage. To properly check the condition of your tree, ask help from a professional.  

Are There Huge Dead Branches? 

It’s dangerous to keep a huge tree with huge dead branches in your lawn. Your tree can still survive if 25% of the branches of the tree are dying. You should get rid of them immediately whenever you see branches that are crossing. In addition to that, since they’re susceptible to splitting, you’ve got to ensure that you take care of narrow branch angles on the main trunk. A professional tree service company will attach cables that will provide support to the branches and stop them from splitting.  

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