Drywall Repair Dos and Don’ts

Drywall can be tough, but it can still be destructible. Through time, drywall can have holes or cracks. However, if you need to repair drywall, you don’t need to worry. Here are some dos and don’ts to take note of while doing drywall repair. 

Do look for the right materials. 

Repairing minor problems in your drywall, like dents or scratches that are minor, can be fixed by drywall mud. With the use of a putty knife, smooth out the surface by applying drywall mud. However, always make sure that you only use drywall mud for surfaces with minor problems like scratches or shallow dents, because larger dents do not really hold out on the application of drywall mud and will eventually need repair again. 

Don’t take time. 

Some products are pre-made to keep tasks simple. Certain kits have a way of making small holes disappear. 

Do it neatly. 

Remember to avoid bumps or blemishes on your finish. By using a box cutter or any other blade that is sharp enough, cut edges that are frayed around the holes present before going for the drywall mud application. 

Do it lightly. 

When it comes to drywall mud application, it is better to use it lightly. If you coat it up too much, you will have trouble sanding it later on. Sanding a big bump to get a smooth finish can take time and defeats the purpose of the drywall mud and kits being convenient. 

Don’t cut cords 

Verify if the hole you are cutting through has any wires or electrical cords. Sometimes there are also plumbing lines to take precautions against as well. If you have a wall as thick as an inch, grab a flashlight and see what it has inside. However, if you do not have enough light to check through an inch-thick wall, always assume that there are wires inside that need to be intact, thus always take precautions. 

Don’t skimp on sanding. 

Always sand correctly. If you ever skimp on sanding, you need to expect the repaired area to not blend in with the rest. After the drywall mud has been applied and dried, use sandpaper with a fine grit to sand the area. Sand the first layer, then apply another layer of drywall mud and let it dry. After the second layer has been dried out, sand the repaired area again. 

Do protection. 

Some compounds that are found in drywall are very fine and can be damaging to the lungs. When repairing your drywall, always use a mask that can prevent dust. Moreover, use gloves to make sure your hands are protected from the effects of gypsum dust. Gypsum dust can be very dehydrating, thus using a pair of gloves helps in the repair process. 

Here are just some dos and don’ts that you can make use of when repairing your drywall. However, if you need help from the professional Orange County drywall contractors, feel free to contact us or reach us online.  



Should You Remove a Tree? 

It can be a complicated and long story whenever you choose when to get rid of a tree. A lot of elements should be considered. This includes the risks involved before removing it and the cost of removal. Though you can allow a tree to die in the area if it’s placed in the forest, trees in the yard require human involvement to take place. 

Tree removal isn’t the safest task in the world. Because of that, it requires a professional tree company to safely and properly do the job.  

Is The Tree Leaning? 

It is indeed considered dangerous when a tree grows extremely tall. However, it can be extremely hazardous when it is leaning. A tree that’s leaning suggests issues in the roots such as weakening or breakage. You need to get rid of the tree right away to stop the tree from causing accidents in the future. You have to get rid of the tree if it’s leaning more than 15 degrees.  

Is The Root Damaged? 

One crucial part of the structural stability of the tree is its roots. You need to get rid of the tree immediately if 50% of the roots are damaged.  

Is the Tree Infested with Fungus? 

Since this can often be tricky, you will need to have your tree examined by a professional tree service company. Not all fungi can be a sign of root disease. This includes the growth of mushrooms at the tree’s base. However, it can mean that the tree’s suffering from internal decay.  

Are There Small Branches or Sprouts Coming from the Trunk? 

It isn’t ordinary for new sprouts to come out from the trunk or base of your tree. This can be a sign of health problems within the system of the tree. Trees can also go through stress. This is especially true whenever they’re injured, have soil compaction, or overly exposed to the sun. You should contact a professional to check your tree if you think that it is under stress.  

Is Every Dead Branch Located on One Side of Your Tree? 

Your tree will be unbalanced whenever all of the dead branches are located on one side. This will make it a possible danger to you and your house. If your tree is suffering from this, it might be a sign that your tree has a root injury or trunk damage. To properly check the condition of your tree, ask help from a professional.  

Are There Huge Dead Branches? 

It’s dangerous to keep a huge tree with huge dead branches in your lawn. Your tree can still survive if 25% of the branches of the tree are dying. You should get rid of them immediately whenever you see branches that are crossing. In addition to that, since they’re susceptible to splitting, you’ve got to ensure that you take care of narrow branch angles on the main trunk. A professional tree service company will attach cables that will provide support to the branches and stop them from splitting.  

How to Examine Your Stucco for Damage 

Are you a homeowner? Does your house have stucco siding? If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. For those who don’t know, stucco issues may not happen as frequently as issues with other forms of siding materials. However, they can still occur.  

Here are a couple of useful tips on how to examine the exterior of your house to know whether or not you need stucco repair near me 

Hire an Expert to Do an Assessment 

You should not really worry if you are overwhelmed with the idea of examining your stucco. A professional stucco company can help you. Usually, a lot of homeowners are afraid of performing their own stucco inspection since they’re worried that they may miss a problem area. Fortunately, a stucco inspection company can help you with this problem. 

Touch the Stucco 

The stucco shouldn’t crumble under your fingertips whenever you touch it. Also, it shouldn’t be brittle whenever you apply a bit of pressure. It shows an underlying issue that should be checked by an expert if it crumbles or feels brittle. Also, it is a sign that there’s water damage and potentially mold if you feel any wet spots. 

Smell the Stucco 

This might sound a bit weird. However, smelling the stucco is also helpful. For those who don’t know, damaged stucco smells different. The reason for this is that there might be a presence of mold or other unwanted substances inside it. Usually, undamaged stucco does not have any smell.  

Do not be scared to pay attention to what your nose is telling you. Of course, it can be extremely concerning if you smell mold in your house. However, it can also affect the stucco. This depends on the area. 

Look at the Stucco 

You should take a walk outside your house and pay close attention to any indications of damaged stucco. Discoloration, mold, and cracks are three things that you should look for. Every single one of these issues can be a result of aging and deterioration of your stucco. Poor installation can also cause this. If your stucco has been damaged physically, cracks can also happen. Stucco can also crack due to shrinkage and thermal expansion. 

You might be able to fix small cracks if you notice any. This is particularly true for diagonal and hairline cracks. You will usually have to use a compound to fix it. For almost every crack, you will have to hire an expert. This will help you save a lot of headache of needing to deal with costlier and bigger issues in the future.  

Aside from cracks, you should also look for mold. Typically, mold grows whenever water gets behind the stucco. Though you might not be able to see the mold, you might notice discoloration or staining.  

You should also examine for stains, streaks, or water damage around your windows. Check for discoloration around the base of your windows. It can be a sign that you will end up with mold if you’ve got damp flooring or carpets.  

When is The Best Time to Remove a Tree? 

Whenever you have to remove a tree, no time will feel like the best time. However, getting rid of it might be your only hope whenever the tree is weak, decayed, damaged, or dead.  

With this, you can protect the rest of your yard, your property, and yourself. Of course, any homeowner will not want a huge tree to fall on their property. You’ve got quite more control whenever you get rid of it on your terms.  

Therefore, even though choosing to get rid of a tree isn’t simple, cutting it down at the correct time will help make the project go smoother.  

When Is The Cheapest Time to Remove a Tree? 

You might have heard from other homeowners that it is extremely costly to remove a tree in summer. You might also have heard that it is much cheaper to get rid of trees in winter. 

However, the truth is that the cost of removing a tree is affected by a couple of factors. The price varies on the needs, location, and size of your particular tree. This means that the time of year does not really affect the price. In addition to that, a couple of local authorities have orders that influence the process of removing a tree.  

You will get the most out of your money if you work with a professional tree service company whenever the job is completed. These professionals have insurance and experience. In addition to that, these professionals will be transparent and informative across the entire process since they have undergone a rigorous certification process. Thus, they will help you navigate those orders.  

Furthermore, a tree removal task is not a DIY project. Getting rid of huge trees is a risky process that needs to be handled by expert a tree services company.  

What is the Best Time to Get Rid of Trees? 

You should contact a professional tree service company immediately whenever your tree is posing any threat to you or a nearby property, has roots upheaving, or is leaning. No matter what time of the year it is, you have to examine your tree as soon as possible.  

In addition to that, you might have to get rid of trees right away if they are infested or diseased. This is because they can affect other trees nearby. This means that you need to act quickly if your tree has a disease, such as oak wilt, or if it has a pest, such as emerald ash borer.  

During the dormant season is one of the ideal times to get rid of trees if your tree has a less serious issue. This is between early spring and late winter.  

The reason for this is that dormant trees are lighter and leafless. Thus, it is a lot simpler for a professional tree care company to handle and cut the branches. The frozen ground helps other plants in your lawn to stay in place even if the branches are not bare, just like on pine trees.  

Is It Really Important To Clean the Windows? 

\It isn’t simply about the looks. The right windows can add value and style to your house. However, aside from excellent aesthetics, keeping your windows clean will provide you even more advantages. Today, we are going to discuss several reasons why you should hire a professional for your window washing Fairfield CA needs.  

Protect Your Window’s Efficiency 

For those who don’t know, you can help keep Low-E insulation and Low-E coatings working as projected if you keep your windows clean with proper care. Dirt particles might lower the heating efficiency of your window. Therefore, less sun will be able to warm and penetrate your house if your windows are extremely dirty.  

Allow More Light In 

Whenever we talk about bright areas, the cleaning status of a window influences directly how much light can filter into your house. Of course, less light will be able to come into the area if your window glass isn’t clean. This will make your house appear dingy and dark.  

You can enable the maximum amount of light to filter into your house and illuminate the things inside if you keep your windows free of dirt particles, oxidation, smoke film buildup, and hard water.  

Window Aesthetics 

Whether your windows are clean or not greatly affects the sights you enjoy from the inside and the beauty you see from the outside of your house. If you make sure that your windows are clean, it will improve the distinctive design of your house. It will also leave a better impression on your visitors. 

In addition to that, the natural light that complements clear reflective areas can influence your productivity and mood by making rooms appear more inviting and spacious. You and your visitors will feel inspired and relaxed when you have more open and brighter areas. Also, clear windows will provide you a huge boost in curb appeal if you are selling your house.  

Secure Indoor Air Quality 

Water spots and fingerprints are the apparent window culprits. However, for those who don’t know, windows are susceptible to the buildup of smoke film from activities such as using the fireplace in your house, smoking, cooking, or burning candles. This buildup can influence your health.  

You can keep the air inside your house stay fresh if you have a clean window. This will also help you avoid the growth of mold. Furthermore, a clean screen can help keep clean air flowing inside your house as well. 

Window Maintenance 

You can make sure that your windows are properly working if you keep hinges free of grime and dirt and sliding tracks free of debris. You can also prevent window damage over time since you are reducing the risks of failure when you have a properly functioning window system. 

You invest a lot of money for your windows. Thus, you want to get the most out of it, just like any investment. To ensure that your home investment will still be functional in the years to come, you have to maintain them as much as possible.